Gov’t launches program to enhance institutional culture in public sector

Amman, Mar. 31 (Petra) — Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs and Minister of State for Public Sector Modernisation Nasser Shraideh, on Sunday evening, sponsored the launch of the Institutional Culture Enhancement Program in the Public Sector, in the presence of secretaries-general and directors-general of ministries and government departments.

In an opening speech, Shraideh said, “The success of modernization initiatives in the public sector requires a supportive institutional culture for the concepts of modernization and development, and one that motivates citizen service and embraces positive change, because its absence is a major obstacle to implementing change initiatives, and thus hinders the desired modernization.”

He indicated that the first change that the public sector will witness in 2024 is the human resources management system that will be approved in the coming weeks, explaining that the secretaries-general and directors-general are the leaders of this change, and they will manage it, with the support of human resources and institutional development departments.

Shraideh added that the government, realizing the importance of institutional culture and its intersection with all components of the public sector modernization roadmap, has started implementing initiatives to enhance institutional culture in the public sector since the approval of the public sector modernization roadmap, where it designed a model and program for institutional culture.

He pointed out that the priorities of the public sector modernization roadmap for 2024 included a special priority for raising awareness of the desired institutional culture model and the importance of change in 100 ministries and government departments, and another priority for applying the institutional culture program in 50 ministries and government departments.
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31/03/2024 23:25:24