Greek Alternate Minister of Education and Sports to QNA: Relations between Qatar and Greece Are Excellent, Prospective Agreement to Enhance Cooperation in Sports

Athens, May 29 (QNA) – HE Alternate Minister of Education, Religious Affairs and Sports of the Hellenic Republic Ioannis Vroutsis said that relations between the State of Qatar and the Hellenic Republic are excellent and very strong, stressing the mutual appreciation and respect between the two peoples and the governments of the two countries.

In an exclusive interview with Qatar News Agency (QNA), His Excellency expressed the aspiration of the two friendly countries to strengthen the existing bilateral relations in the field of sports, a matter that both sides are working to achieve through an expected bilateral agreement in progress.

HE Vroutsis noted that the visit of HH the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani to the Hellenic Republic will have a significant and prominent impact on strengthening relations between the two countries and their friendly peoples, and on promoting cooperation in many fields, including sports.

His Excellency praised the State of Qatar for its interest in sports and its excellence in its various sectors, and for making it a top priority; adding that it is the same thing that the Hellenic Republic is working on, which will greatly benefit the youth now and in the future.

His Excellency also pointed out the important role of sports in terms of physical, mental, social, moral and psychological health. “Sports in general is of great importance. It is a top priority for us in Greece, and a high priority for the government as well, because it promotes social cohesion, carries values, provides health and happiness, and deals with mental suffering,” His Excellency said.

His Excellency noted the close connection of the youth and sports, stressing that the youth are the focus of attention of the Greek government, as they represent the future. His Excellency indicated that connecting the youth with sports is extremely important because it carries the values that we want to instill in the youth today and in the global environment, besides that it is the best way to instill these values in them, Therefore, the youth and sports are closely linked, and the Hellenic Republic believe in sports and in this connection, and invest in it.

HE the Alternate Minister of Education and Religious and Sports of the Hellenic Republic also stressed that sport is the strongest means of communication between peoples, explaining that from this standpoint the Hellenic Republic is keen to develop its sports relations with the State of Qatar, to achieve more cooperation between the two friendly countries, and more benefits in different fields and sectors, and at various levels, stressing that his country, and specifically the Ministry of Culture and Sports, is open in this regard.

“We spoke with HE Ambassador of Qatar in Athens in this respect, as this will also be embodied through the expected bilateral agreement in the field of sports. We can focus on further forms of cooperation, considering sports a vital and important field that fosters strong connections between peoples, especially between the future generations of our youth”, His Excellency added.

The State of Qatar has already hosted international sporting events that were very successful. Therefore, I congratulate Qatar and the Qatari youth for organizing these huge, successful and very impressive sporting events. Indeed, the State of Qatar has made sports a field of entertainment as well. Furthermore, Qatar’s hosting of more sporting events will strengthen bilateral relations, especially since the Hellenic Republic is looking forward to contributing to such sporting events, and to cooperate and coordination with the State of Qatar regarding them, His Excellency said.

HE Ioannis Vroutsis attributed the Hellenic Republic’s interest in sports to the fact that it is considered as its first origin, besides that the Olympic Games were born in the Hellenic Republic, which reflects the Greek civilization and culture in this regard, and makes sport a top priority for it. His Excellency pointed out that the Olympic Flame travels around the world from the Hellenic Republic, and everyone celebrates it every four years.

At the conclusion of his interview with QNA, HE Alternate Minister of Education and Religious and Sports of the Hellenic Republic Ioannis Vroutsis appreciated the great interest that the State of Qatar pays to sports in its various fields and sectors, pointing out that in the context of relations between the State of Qatar and the Hellenic Republic, the two countries focus on the values, the principles and the common desire to develop sports and invest in their youth, in a way that enhances and strenghtenes these relationships.