Green March Speech, Further Proof that Morocco Is ‘Strategic, Responsible, Serious and Credible Ally” for Latin America (Chilean Politician)

Orellana, who is also a member of the board of directors of the “Latin America/Africa 21st Century” Foundation, said the Sovereign had highlighted “the good relations Morocco enjoys today, in Africa as well as in Europe and America”, adding that the values of truth, responsibility and seriousness promoted by HM the King project Morocco onto the world stage.

“I think these values represent a great opportunity for Morocco, especially as His Majesty has shown what is most relevant for foreign policy in terms of attracting investment, security, certainty, responsibility and clear rules,” Orellana told MAP news agency.

Thanks to these values, the Sovereign “places Morocco in the orbit of progress and globalization, being a gateway to Africa, but also to America,” added Orellana, who believes that the Atlantic offers just such an opportunity.

“His Majesty the King, with His greatness of spirit, but also His humility, identifies the factors that will contribute to the development and inclusion (of the countries in the region). He recognizes the need to collaborate with neighboring countries (…) in order to achieve the prosperity for which the Sovereign has worked tirelessly in various fields,” said Orellana.

HM King Mohammed VI's speech on the 48th anniversary of the Green March is further proof for Latin America that Morocco is a "strategic, responsible, serious and credible ally", said Cristina Orellana, former vice-president of Chile's Christian Democracy party.
07 November 2023