Healthcare Professionals Call on Developing Countries to Embrace Innovation, Invest in Modern Technology

Doha, May 16 (QNA) – Several experts and specialists in healthcare from developing countries emphasized the need to accelerate innovations and allocate more financial resources towards developing healthcare devices and equipment, as well as preparing human resources to handle modern technology.

Speakers at the Digital Transformation of Healthcare session held during the Qatar Economic Forum 2024, which concluded today, affirmed that tablet devices and modern technology save a lot of effort and money, achieve the required speed and accuracy, and provide data instantly. They pointed out the necessity of finding practical solutions to investment obstacles, whether in preparing society to deal with them or in enacting laws and regulations that expedite the use of technology.

Participants in the session discussed the significant advancements occurring across all levels of the healthcare sector, including innovation in devices and equipment, pharmaceutical production, research support, integrating artificial intelligence into drug production to expedite studies and save time and effort, and creating platforms and applications that can monitor and manage a patient’s symptoms and support them throughout their treatment.

They highlighted the role of artificial intelligence in providing regular healthcare to patients through their mobile phones, offering medical advice that aids in prevention, providing numerous treatments, improving public health, and achieving fairness in drug provision and service delivery.

The speakers in the session reviewed several practical experiences from the countries they have worked in and the companies they have collaborated with, emphasizing the role of innovation in overcoming many obstacles and reaching various segments of society, whether urban, rural, or nomadic. (QNA)