HM the King’s Vision of Intercontinental Integration Aims to Create Area of Economic Complementarity between Atlantic Two Shores (Colombian Academic)

“From Colombia, we see with emotion how HM King Mohammed VI sets out a vision of intercontinental integration, through the search for a common area between the two shores of the Atlantic, with which the Sovereign intends to transform neighborly relations into an area of human communion, economic complementarity and international influence,” said Hernan Olano after HM the King’s speech to the Nation on the occasion of the 48th anniversary of the Green March.

Olano told MAP that “Colombia has always considered Morocco to be our gateway to the African continent and, in the same way, we consider that we should be the beneficiaries of the industrial, automotive, energy and services development led by the Kingdom of Morocco”.

The Colombian academic pointed out that the Kingdom is “the spearhead of the African continent due to its geostrategic position, similar to that of Colombia”, which enables both nations to act through alliances and mega-service projects, in order to benefit from the potential of the countries on the east and west coasts of the Atlantic Ocean.

HM King Mohammed VI's vision of intercontinental integration aims to create an area of human communion and economic complementarity between the two shores of the Atlantic, said Hernan Olano, former rector of Colombia's UNICOC university.

07 November 2023