Hout: Al-Jamaa Al-Islamiya is part of the nation’s fabric, aims for Lebanon’s goodness prosperity

NNA – MP Imad al-Hout affirmed today in an issued statement that ldquo;Al-Jamaa Al-Islamiyaquot; is part of nation#39;s fabric and believes that Lebanon is a homeland and not an arena; thus, endeavoring with its partners in the nation to build institutions, fight corruption, and address crises.

He said: ldquo;We do not like war, nor do we seek it, but we do not shy away from it if it occurs. We love life, but we do not fear death in defense of the homeland.rdquo;

He continued, quot;We reject the use of weapons inside Lebanon. Rather, we call for a defense strategy in which all citizens participate in defending our homeland, Lebanon. There should be no hostility between the Lebanese, but rather cooperation and competition to achieve public interest.quot;

Hout expressed support to diplomatic solutions in the region, but regretted that the international community is biased towards the Zionist entity andnbsp;stressed the validity of the Palestinian cause and the right of the Palestinian people to struggle to liberate their land.

The MP also underlined that Al-Jamaa Al-Islamiya quot;has never been a tool for any external project, neither Eastern nor Western,quot; adding, quot;We are not partnbsp;of any axis and our decision is independent,quot; assuring that they will never be part of any axis that threatens their Arab depth while also rejecting any axisnbsp;that sides with the security and interests of the Zionist entity.