Humanitarian Operation in Gaza Reflects Unwavering Royal Commitment to Palestinians (Palestinian-Moroccan Friendship Association)

In a statement to MAP, Al-Jaabari highlighted that this operation comes just a few months after the unprecedented qualitative humanitarian operation launched by the Kingdom of Morocco last March, which marked the first land breakthrough for humanitarian aid to the besieged Gaza Strip.

He emphasized the importance of this new operation, made possible thanks to the personal involvement of His Majesty the King, especially as northern Gaza has not received any medical or humanitarian aid for a long time.

“In a moment when all the crossing points are closed, these aid operations which breach the embargo constitute an honorable action from Morocco and His Majesty the King,” he stated, hailing this noble gesture as a sign of solidarity and fraternity.

He also praised the Al-Quds Committee’s efforts, chaired by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, and its operational arm, the Bayt Mal Al-Quds Asharif Agency, in supporting Al Quds population and safeguarding the Holy City’s civilizational identity.

He recalled previous initiatives launched by Morocco in the Palestinian territories, including the deployment of field hospitals and the dispatch of humanitarian and medical aid, in addition to initiatives to support the inhabitants of Al Quds Acharif.

This aid consists of 40 tons of medical products containing, notably, equipment for the treatment of burns and surgical and traumatological emergencies as well as essential medicines, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccan Expatriates.

His Majesty the King, may God glorify Him, has kindly assumed responsibility for a large part of the aid from the Sovereign’s personal funds.

The humanitarian medical aid operation for the population in Gaza is in line with the unwavering Royal commitment to the Palestinian people, said on Monday the President of the Palestinian-Moroccan Friendship Association, Ziyad Al Jaabari.
24 June 2024