Industry ministry sets price caps on fresh poultry as of Monday

Amman, May 5 (Petra) -Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply, Yousef Shamali, on Sunday decided to set price ceilings on fresh poultry, starting Monday, after the ministry observed an “unjustified” hike during the past few days.

As per the “binding” price cap, fresh chicken will sell at JD2.05 wholesale and at JD2.20 for the consumer, adding that traders could sell at a lower price to stimulate competition in the market and serve the consumer’s interest.

To implement the decision, Shamali directed market observers to intensify monitoring tours on feathered and plucked poultry stores and producers to follow up on compliance with the specified price caps and take the necessary legal measures against violators.

Additionally, the ministry set price ceilings on plucked chicken at JD1.70 per kilo for the consumer, while it is sold at JD1.50Kg in farm and JD1.60Kg for distributors, as of last Friday.
//Petra// AG
05/05/2024 15:33:07