Inflation Up 1.61% in First Third of 2024

Amman, May 13 (Petra) – The general consumer price index (inflation) surged by 1.61 percent in the first three months of 2024, reaching 110.21 points, marking an uptick from 108.47 recorded during the corresponding period last year.

In its monthly report released on Monday, the Department of Statistics highlighted key commodity categories driving the inflationary trend. Notably, water and sanitation saw a significant increase of 7.34 percent, followed closely by personal belongings at 7.30 percent. Additionally, contributions to syndicates rose by 5.86 percent, while tobacco and cigarettes increased by 5.29 percent, and rent saw a 4.12 percent rise.

April 2024 witnessed inflation reaching 110.50 points, up from 109.09 in the same month last year, marking a 1.30 percent increase.

The report attributed the rise primarily to personal belongings surging by 9.41 percent. Moreover, water and sanitation witnessed a notable increase of 7.34 percent, contributions to syndicates rose by 5.86 percent, tobacco and cigarettes by 5.38 percent, and rents by 4.12 percent.

Conversely, the group comprising fruits and nuts saw a decrease of 7.40 percent, while dry and canned vegetables and legumes decreased by 2.90 percent. Oils and fats experienced a decline of 1.77 percent, and home textiles decreased by 1.57 percent.

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13/05/2024 16:07:49