Intense Israeli bombing on Rafah claims lives of 100 Palestinians 

Gaza, Feb. 12 (Petra) — The city of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip witnessed a night of relentless Israeli bombardment and fire belts, leading to the tragic loss of approximately 100 Palestinian lives, with hundreds more, including many children and women, sustaining severe injuries.

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society reported that the violent Israeli raids primarily targeted inhabited homes near its headquarters in the center of Rafah.

Suhaib Al-Hams, Director of Kuwait Hospital, expressed concern over the influx of critically wounded individuals, underscoring the insufficient availability of vital medical supplies and serums to adequately address the dire situation.

According to Palestinian sources, the assault involved a series of approximately 40 airstrikes, with a particular focus on homes and mosques housing displaced persons.

In conjunction with the airstrikes, intense artillery bombardment from warships targeted various areas of Rafah, including Al-Rahma Mosque in Al-Shaboura and Al-Huda Mosque in Yabna camp, both of which provided shelter to dozens of displaced individuals.

Additionally, over 14 inhabited homes were subjected to the airstrikes.

Israeli bombings and raids also extended to areas near the border with Egypt, further exacerbating the already dire circumstances. Civilian vehicles transporting casualties and individuals seeking refuge from the city’s devastation flocked to Kuwait Hospital in Rafah.

In the city of Deir Al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip, ten Palestinians, including children and women, lost their lives as a result of an Israeli aircraft bombing a house in the Al-Brook area.

Health sources confirmed that the bodies of the ten victims arrived at Al-Aqsa hospital in Deir Al-Balah, highlighting the severity of the incident.

In another distressing incident, a woman was killed, and several others were wounded by Israeli occupation army snipers within the Nasser Medical Complex in Khan Yunis.

The Israeli occupation’s aggression against Gaza has persisted for 129 days, with devastating consequences inflicted upon the Strip by land, sea, and air.

The mounting toll includes over 28,176 martyrs and 67,784 wounded, with countless victims trapped under rubble and stranded on roadsides. Ambulance and rescue crews face obstacles in reaching those in need due to the occupation’s restrictions.

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12/02/2024 10:22:38