IOF Murders Over 37,718 Palestinian Civilians, Injures Over 86,377 Others in Ongoing Genocide on Gaza

Gaza, June 26 (QNA) – Palestinian Ministry of Health announced today that the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) murdered at least 37,718 Palestinians and injured at least 86,377 others, since the beginning of its ongoing genocide on the Gaza Strip since Oct. 7, 2023.

The ministry said in a statement that, the IOF committed four massacres against Palestinian families in the Gaza Strip in the past 24 hours, murdering 60 Palestinians and injuring 140 others, explaining that many victims remain under the rubble and on the streets, as the IOF has been preventing ambulance and civil defense from reaching them.

Despite warnings from UN agencies about the deteriorating humanitarian conditions in the Gaza Strip, the Israeli occupation continues its extreme and unprecedented genocide on the Gaza Strip for the 264th consecutive day, through bombardment by air, land and sea, murdering, injuring and committing bloody massacres against tens of thousands of Palestinian civilians, and causing an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe of countless martyrs, wounded and missing civilians, as well as a massive destruction of vital infrastructure and facilities in the Gaza Strip. (QNA)