Israel killed 8,672 Palestinian students since last October 7

Ramallah, July 2 (Petra) – The Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education said 8,672 Palestinian students were killed and 14,583 others were injured since the start of the Israeli aggression on October 7 on Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Palestinian ministry stated that Israel killed a total of over 8,572 students in Gaza and injured 14,089 others since October 7.

The ministry noted 100 students were martyred in West Bank and 494 others were injured, while the Israeli army arrested 349 in its raids.

Additionally, the ministry indicated that 497 teachers and administrators were killed and 3,402 were injured in the strip and West Bank, and over 109 were arrested in West Bank regions.

The ministry also noted 353 government schools, universities, university buildings, and 65 of to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Refugees (UNRWA) were bombed and vandalized in Gaza.

The statement affirmed 620,000 students in Gaza are still deprived of joining school since the beginning of the aggression.
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02/07/2024 15:30:26