JFDA Launches Summer Food Safety Campaign

Amman, May 28 (Petra) — The Jordan Food and Drug Administration (JFDA) has launched a comprehensive oversight and awareness campaign to ensure food safety during the summer months.

This initiative, coordinated through the JFDA branches across the Kingdom, aims to safeguard the quality of food and medicine available to the public.

The campaign focuses on intensifying the monitoring of perishable food items prone to spoilage in high temperatures, such as meat, fish, dairy products, juice drinks, canned foods, chips, chocolate, and mayonnaise used in fast food.

Inspectors will target high-traffic establishments including tourist food outlets, park cafeterias, entertainment centers, children’s play areas, juice and ice cream shops, and shawarma vendors.

The goal is to verify the freshness and safety of food products by checking production and expiration dates and ensuring compliance with proper storage and display practices.

The JFDA will also conduct random sampling of food products for laboratory testing to ensure they meet health standards. Additionally, the agency is hosting awareness workshops for the food sector to highlight common violations and promote best practices.

The JFDA urges the public to be cautious and avoid consuming food that shows signs of spoilage such as changes in taste, smell, or texture, even if it has not reached its expiration date.

Proper storage according to recommended temperatures is essential to prevent bacterial growth and chemical reactions that can lead to food spoilage and loss of nutritional value.

The JFDA welcomes citizens’ comments, inquiries, and complaints via the toll-free line 117114, email [email protected], and WhatsApp at 0795632000.

//Petra// AA
28/05/2024 13:43:31