Jordan, Germany Discuss Public Health Collaboration

Amman, May 29 (Petra) – The head of the Jordan Center for Disease Control, Adel Belbeisi, and his technical team met with a delegation from Germany’s Robert Koch Institute for Public Health to discuss the proposed twinning project between the two organizations.

The visit, which follows a previous trip by Jordanian officials to Germany, focused on future coordination and cooperation.

This effort is supported by the World Health Organization’s Eastern Mediterranean Region office, aiming to enhance the capabilities of public health institutions and improve health security in Jordan.

In a statement issued Wednesday, the Jordan Center for Disease Control outlined the topics discussed, including opportunities for research collaboration with the Department of Evidence-Based Studies.

Key areas of focus are epidemiological and observational studies, antimicrobial resistance research, the classification of public health workers, and the development of a national competencies framework.

The discussions also covered organizing workshops to build public health workers’ capabilities, implementing training-of-trainers programs, and exploring employee exchanges to enhance skill development.

Additionally, the two sides addressed the strengthening of Jordan’s early warning system, sharing community monitoring materials and ideas, improving the efficiency of public health laboratories, and exchanging the latest methods for managing epidemiological risks.

Both parties agreed to hold regular virtual meetings to ensure ongoing cooperation and follow-up.

//Petra// AA
29/05/2024 12:42:46