Jordan suspends potato exports; opens lemon, poultry imports

Amman, May 30 (Petra) – Ministry of Agriculture decided to stop potato exports and open lemon and poultry imports to ensure availability of these items with the “appropriate” quality and price for the consumer.

In a statement Thursday, monitoring and follow up measures on the quantities delivered to the local markets showed a drop in supplies of poultry due to “unusual” weather fluctuations, which triggered “high mortality rates in poultry and low supply rates, the ministry pointed out.

To plug shortfall in production, the ministry decided to open poultry imports “without restrictions” to provide this foodstuff in the local markets.

The ministry also decided to suspend potato exports and open potato and lemon imports from several origins, starting from next June 2 to provide quantities at the appropriate price.
//Petra// AG
30/05/2024 15:44:22