Jordanian-Greek Relations Discussed for Enhanced Cooperation

Amman, May 15 (Petra) – The Senate’s Jordanian-Greek Friendship Committee engaged in discussions with Greek Ambassador Irene Riga to explore avenues for bolstering ties between the two nations across various domains.

Chairman of the Committee, Senator Muhammad Ababneh, underscored the historical significance of Jordanian-Greek relations, emphasizing their foundation on mutual respect between the two peoples. He highlighted the ongoing progress in parliamentary, economic, cultural, and educational spheres.

Ababneh advocated for intensified collaboration in the tourism sector, advocating for an increase in tourist groups and highlighting Jordan’s diverse tourism offerings, particularly its religious, therapeutic, and recreational sites.

In light of regional developments, including the Israeli war on Gaza, Ababneh emphasized the necessity for international endeavors to halt hostilities and facilitate humanitarian aid. He lauded His Majesty King Abdullah II’s diplomatic initiatives aimed at achieving a just and comprehensive resolution to the Palestinian conflict.

Ambassador Riga expressed Greece’s commitment to deepening ties with Jordan across various sectors, commending the high level of bilateral relations, particularly in parliamentary, economic, educational, and cultural realms.

Riga acknowledged Jordan’s pivotal role in addressing regional and international issues, citing His Majesty King Abdullah II’s efforts to mitigate conflicts in the region. She praised the King’s European and global diplomatic missions aimed at ending the Israeli offensive on Gaza and fostering regional security and stability.

Emphasizing Jordan’s pivotal position in the region, Riga reaffirmed both nations’ commitment to seeking solutions to cease the Israeli war on Gaza and achieve a just and comprehensive resolution to the Palestinian cause, thus ensuring regional stability and peace.

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15/05/2024 14:05:24