Jordanian-Palestinian committee reaches 14 agreements on bilateral cooperation, 1st add

He pointed out that bolstering the national economy is a means of self-immunity and a reason for the convergence of countries and peoples, especially when there are other commonalities between them such as history, culture, similar challenges, opportunities, and aspirations of societies, noting that the trade exchange between the two countries is “meager” and requires increasing and turning challenges into opportunities.

He added that the Kingdom seeks to enhance bilateral trade exchanges, which amount to about $400 million, and establish joint ventures in various fields.

For his part, Al-Amour stressed the importance of continuing efforts to remove the obstacles facing the trade exchange between the two countries, facilitate the flow of Jordanian goods to the Palestinian market, leverage Jordanian expertise in economic and other fields, motivate the private sector to take advantage of the available opportunities and enhance cooperation in other fields.

He said that the convening of the committee meetings is a clear message that the two sides are keen to develop various fields of cooperation and move forward to remove obstacles and overcome the unprecedented challenges Palestine is facing.

He pointed to the Israeli occupation forces’ violations aimed at weakening the Palestinian economy through various means, including stealing tax money.

He added that the aggression on Gaza increased the challenges for the Palestinian government, as economic activities were disrupted in various sectors.

//Petra// AF

02/06/2024 21:00:26