Jordanian Program Empowers Rural Communities with IFAD Grants

Amman, Mar. 27 (Petra) – Some 193 beneficiaries inked grant pacts facilitated by the Rural Economic Growth and Employment Project (REGEP), managed by the Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation (JEDCO), with funding from the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and the Dutch government.

Of these agreements, 176 recipients secured production grants ranging from 1,650 to 4,900 euros, while 17 individuals obtained entrepreneurship grants ranging from 3,200 to 9,800 euros, totaling 649,000 euros.

The initiative targets small farmers, rural women, youth, farmer groups, associations, manufacturers, and exporters in rural areas across various governorates, aiming to bolster their technical and competitive capabilities.

Moreover, the program aims to partially fund the enhancement and modernization of basic aspects and support innovative agricultural projects, thereby advancing the agricultural value chain.

Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply, Youssef Shamali, highlighted the collaboration among national institutions in executing this project, underscoring its significance for the agricultural sector, which has proved resilient amid crises.

Minister of Agriculture, Khaled Hunaifat, stressed the project’s alignment with the National Plan for Sustainable Agriculture 2022-2025, emphasizing its role in job creation, particularly in rural and desert areas.

Furthermore, Hunaifat underscored the ministry’s commitment to supporting rural financing programs to address employment challenges and promote economic development.

The initiative has garnered support from various ministries, public and private sector entities, and civil society organizations, fostering a collaborative approach to rural development.

Inaam Braishi, Director General of the Jordan River Foundation, assured ongoing support to beneficiaries to ensure project success.

Abdel Fattah Kayed, Executive Director of JEDCO, outlined the project’s inception in 2015 and its successful first phase completion in 2020, with funding from IFAD and cooperation with the Dutch government.

Zaid Nsour, Director of the Rural Economic Growth and Employment Project, highlighted the project’s contribution to poverty reduction, water scarcity response, climate change adaptation, and food security enhancement.

Amid the agreement signings, a cooperative pact was sealed between JEDCO and the Jordan River Foundation to oversee services provision and grant management for savings and credit groups in the coming year.

//Petra// AJ
27/03/2024 15:38:01