Jordanian Universities Forge Collaborations at Kurdistan Higher Education Forum

Amman, May 12 (Petra) — Presidents of Jordanian universities engaged in the Jordanian-Kurdistan Higher Education Forum 2024, hosted in Erbil, expressed their satisfaction with the event’s outcomes, highlighting its role in fostering scientific collaboration with Kurdistan’s academic institutions.

The forum aimed to bolster the higher education and research framework to benefit Jordanian universities.

In interviews with the Jordan News Agency (Petra), they emphasized the significance of the forum’s activities, which culminated in the signing of numerous memorandums of understanding (MoUs) between Jordanian and Kurdistan universities, focusing on attracting foreign students.

Nathir Obeidat, President of the University of Jordan, stressed the forum’s potential for broadening cooperation, including student and faculty exchanges and mutual accreditation initiatives. “I sensed a genuine desire for continued cooperation from our Kurdish counterparts,” he said, noting their appreciation for Jordan’s regional role.

President of Mu’tah University, Salameh Naimat, hailed the event as an opportunity for academic advancement and cultural enrichment, facilitating MoUs with Kurdish counterparts to enhance institutional performance.

Similarly, Ala’aldeen Halhouli, President of the German Jordanian University, lauded the forum’s richness and the seriousness of participants in pursuing joint projects, foreseeing increased Iraqi student enrollment in Jordan.

Bassam Mahasneh, President of Tafila Technical University, highlighted the forum’s role in initiating scientific collaboration and facilitating exchanges with Kurdish universities.

President of Al-Hussein Bin Talal University, Atef Kharabsheh, anticipated a rise in Kurdish student enrollments in Jordanian universities, advocating for a committee to further develop bilateral relations.

Rami Abdel-Rahem, President of the University of Petra, emphasized the forum’s value in understanding Kurdistan’s higher education landscape, with discussions spanning technical education and academic accreditations.

Unified agreements between Jordanian and Kurdish universities were reached, enhancing mutual understanding and cooperation. The participating delegation gained insights into Kurdistan’s infrastructure and the quality of its universities.

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12/05/2024 12:13:19