Jordanians’ debit purchases of mobile devices at JD15mln in 2023-Stakeholder

Amman, Feb. 10 (Petra) – Jordanians’ debit card purchases of cellular devices and accessories amounted to JD15 million during the year 2023, according to Vision Association for Mobile Devices Investors.

In a statement Saturday, the association noted volume of these purchases in the Jordanian market reached JD16 million in 2021, against JD23 million in 2022, which then dropped to JD15 million in 2023.

The association said the “significant” increase in purchases in 2022 was driven by the repeated deferment of bank installments after Covid-19 closures, which provided the opportunity for consumers to increase their spending on cellular devices and accessories.

The association’s head, Ahmed Alloush, attributed the decline in debit purchases in 2023 as the market witnessed a “natural” adjustment after the “exceptional” rise in the previous year.

Additionally, Alloush stressed the importance of flexibility in business strategies to face challenges and seize future opportunities in the cellular devices and accessories market.
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10/02/2024 13:22:38