Jordanians take to street countrywide in solidarity with Gaza 

Amman, March 29 (Petra)– Marches against the genocidal war waged by the occupation forces against civilians in the Gaza Strip, which has resulted in tens of thousands of martyrs and wounded the majority of them women and children have taken place today after Friday prayer in the capital, Amman, and the governorates of the Kingdom.

Demonstrators demanded that Israel cease its aggression against Gaza and the massacres it is carrying out against defenseless civilians, which amount to a violation of human rights and genocide against defenseless Palestinians. They also called on human rights organizations, the UN Security Council, and the Arab League, to put pressure on Israel to do this.

They decried the occupation forces’ unparalleled savagery, which included attacking vulnerable and innocent populations while severing food and medication supplies, in violation of all international laws and treaties. They also criticized the application of unfair judgments in regards to the Israeli war.

The demonstrators acknowledged the role that Jordan, led by His Majesty King Abdullah II, had played in defending the Palestinian cause, stopping Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, and helping the people of Gaza and the West Bank.

They also emphasized the harmony between the official and popular positions under His Majesty’s leadership in favor of the Palestinian people and their steadfastness.

//Petra// MF

29/03/2024 16:20:59