Jordan’s Rich Heritage, Tourism Treasures Leave Lasting Impression at Expo 2023 Doha

Doha, March 28 (Petra) – The International Horticultural Expo 2023 Doha Qatar, hosted by Qatar for six months, drew to a close in Doha on Thursday, marking a historic milestone as the first of its kind in the Middle East and North Africa.

Jordan participated in the exhibition, which commenced on October 2nd. The Jordanian pavilion emerged as a focal point of interest, showcasing the nation’s rich tapestry of tourism, agriculture, archeology, and heritage. Its presence served as a beacon, casting a spotlight on Jordan throughout the exhibition’s duration, ultimately fostering increased tourist inflow and foreign investment interest in various sectors such as hotels, restaurants, and entertainment establishments.

Throughout the six-month expo, the Jordanian Pavilion welcomed a diverse array of visitors, including members of the Jordanian community in Qatar, as well as individuals from various Arab and foreign nationalities, alongside numerous officials and delegates from other participating countries. The pavilion attracted an estimated 90,000 visitors over the duration of the event, averaging approximately 5 visitors daily.

Participation in Expo Doha afforded Jordan a platform to showcase its investment promotion strategy for 2023-2026, highlighting the Kingdom’s investment environment, its advantages, developmental regions, priority sectors, and the potential returns on investment for both public and private sector stakeholders.

The Jordanian pavilion showcased an array of iconic landmarks, monuments, and indigenous crops from across the Kingdom’s diverse landscapes, alongside promoting Jordan’s renowned tourist and archaeological sites.

Designed in the form of a tent, blending modernity with ancient traditions and Jordanian culture, the pavilion featured native plants such as wormwood and aloe vera, complemented by traditional artifacts including robes, lanterns, mahabish, coffee pots, handmade rugs, pillows, and tables made from sheepskins.

The Jordan Valley region, celebrated for its lush forests and towering trees including cypress, oak, pine, and acacia, stood as a cornerstone of the Jordanian Pavilion, representing the nation’s agricultural wealth.

Visitors were treated to a mosaic floor from Madaba spanning 42 square meters, alongside elaborate models depicting landmarks like the Roman Theater, Petra, and the majestic hills of Wadi Rum, leaving a lasting impression of Jordan’s natural beauty and architectural marvels.

Many visitors expressed that their experience at the Jordanian pavilion sparked a desire to explore Jordan firsthand. Guests had the opportunity to indulge in traditional Jordanian cuisine, notably Mansaf, a dish renowned across the Arab world.

The Jordanian pavilion at Expo Doha offered visitors a virtual journey through Jordan’s most iconic tourist destinations and historical sites, capturing the essence of the kingdom’s cultural heritage and natural wonders, inspiring countless individuals to plan future visits to Jordan.

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28/03/2024 14:34:28