JVA, JDA sign MoU to boost water management in date sector

Amman, May 21 (Petra) -Jordan Valley Authority (JVA) and Jordan Dates Association (JDA) on Tuesday signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to improve water management in the Kingdom’s date palm sector.

According to a Ministry of Water statement, the memo signed by the JVA’s Secretary-General, Hisham Heisa, and JDA President, Anwar Haddad, aims to enhance joint cooperation to raise the potential for improving water management in the date palm sector.

Heisa added that this vision is realized by exchanging expertise and transferring technology for developing water management at the farm and macro levels for the palm sector and spurring use of the latest technologies in running related irrigation techniques.

The statement noted the memo also aims to guide farmers to “optimally” use water resources, use techniques to prevent water waste, and improve groundwater drainage services in agricultural units.

Heisa stressed the importance of providing all forms of support to farmers, building “effective” cooperation with agricultural cooperative societies, and promoting and strengthening collaboration among the government and private sectors in the water fields.

Additionally, he pointed out that the JVA seeks to provide all capabilities for the success of national agriculture, primarily dates cultivation, which has achieved “tangible” progress, especially as it represents 20% of the total cultivated area in Jordan Valley and provides about 10,000 job opportunities.

Heisa noted dates industry achieves “good” income to the national economy, especially since Jordanian dates are “increasingly” demanded in Arab and international markets.
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21/05/2024 16:23:19