KAFD Launches Tamkeen Project to Boost Political Engagement

Amman, Feb. 13 (Petra) – The King Abdullah II Fund for Development (KAFD) unveiled the Tamkeen (Enable) project on Tuesday, aimed at bolstering political initiatives.

This initiative aligns with KAFD’s pivotal role as a national institution dedicated to fostering political engagement, echoing the vision for political modernization championed by His Majesty the King, particularly as the nation celebrates his silver jubilee.

The Tamkeen project is designed to offer financial backing to projects, ideas, and initiatives that advance and serve the goals of political modernization.

By fostering partnerships among public and private sector entities along with civil society organizations, the project aims to promote community awareness of political issues, amplify the involvement of youth and women in political spheres, and cultivate an environment conducive to political and partisan activities at the grassroots level.

Additionally, it seeks to nurture youth leadership and equip them with the tools necessary for meaningful political engagement.

Targeting civil society organizations and non-profit entities working in the realm of political awareness, the project will provide financial support ranging from JD10,000 to JD35,000 for eligible projects.

Interested parties can submit their applications through the provided link: www.join.kafd.jo, adhering to specific criteria and conditions, between February 13 of the current year and March 10 of the following year.

The Tamkeen project represents a continuation of KAFD’s commitment to implementing a series of political initiatives outlined in its programmatic plan, all aimed at fostering increased participation in political life.

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13/02/2024 12:59:07