Kenya: Mohammed VI Foundation of African Ulema Hosts Quran Memorization Competition

At the end of the competition, the 4-member jury announced the qualification of Sabrine Adam Ahmad in the category of memorizing the entire Holy Quran with recitation according to different readings, and Jaafar Masud Jumaa in the intonation category with memorization of at least five Hizbs of the Holy Quran.

The winners of these elimination rounds will represent the Kenya section in the final rounds of the 5th edition of the Holy Quran memorization, recitation, and psalmody competition organized by the Mohammed VI Foundation of African Ulema.

The Mohammed VI Foundation's section of African Ulema in Kenya recently organized, in Nairobi, the qualifying rounds for the 5th edition of the competition for memorization, recitation, and psalmody of the Holy Quran.
19 mai 2024