Marches countrywide in support of Gaza 

Amman, May 24 (Petra)– Today, following Friday prayer in the Kingdom’s capital, Amman, and other governorates, protests in support of Gaza were started in response to the Israeli occupation army’s brutal assault on the Strip.

Marchers expressed their profound grief and rage at the Israeli war machine’s savagery while denouncing the ongoing, savage Israeli occupation onslaught against the Gaza Strip.

They also acknowledged Jordan’s outstanding efforts and leadership in putting an end to the conflict and its effects on the area and the globe, as well as the banners they raised in support of the Gazan people who are living through a genocide.

The marchers called for the cessation of hostilities against the Gaza Strip, a rise in aid, and the evacuation of Israeli soldiers from the entire Strip.

//Petra// MF

24/05/2024 21:04:06