Minister Advocates for Women’s Political Inclusion

Amman, June 30 (Petra) — Minister of Political and Parliamentary Affairs Hadith Khraisha highlighted strides in women’s political representation within Jordan’s modernization system.

He emphasized the inclusivity of electoral and party laws, ensuring women’s substantial presence in the upcoming parliament with a minimum of 18 seats through quota systems.

Additionally, women must feature prominently in candidate lists, occupying at least one of the top three spots and three of the top six.

These remarks were made during Minister Khraisha’s participation in the opening of the National Conference on enhancing women’s political and economic participation in Jordan.

The conference brought together women from across the Kingdom’s governorates, coinciding with preparations for the parliamentary elections scheduled for September 10.

Minister Khraisha underlined Jordan’s constitutional commitment to gender equality before the law and the pivotal role of the Parties Law in facilitating women’s involvement in decision-making and party formation. Notably, over 88,000 party members have been registered, with more than a third being women.

Khraisha attributed Jordanians’ political engagement to their confidence in the state’s seriousness and the guarantees provided by His Majesty King Abdullah II, alongside constitutional provisions and party legislation.

Laila Naffa, President of the Arab Women’s Association, stressed the necessity of collaboration and networking among women across all governorates for substantive political participation. She advocated for active engagement rather than token representation to ensure women’s voices are effectively heard in parliament.

Expressing gratitude to His Majesty King Abdullah II and the Jordanian state for their support of the Palestinian people amid Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, Naffa underscored the significance of international solidarity.

Jasmin Sadoun, representative of the German Cooperation Organization in Jordan (GIZ), outlined the project’s objectives in empowering local and regional networks through capacity-building initiatives to sustain their endeavors.

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30/05/2024 21:28:01