Minister Highlights Focus on Early Childhood, Women’s Workforce Participation

Amman, May 28 (Petra) – Minister of Social Development, Wafa Bani Mustafa, underscored the ministry’s commitment to early childhood development and enhancing women’s participation in the labor market.

Emphasizing the importance of a safe environment for children, she highlighted the ministry’s efforts in advancing the early childhood sector.

During a video conference with the International Relief Committee on Tuesday, Bani Mustafa discussed the Committee’s two reports on early childhood, underscoring that focusing on nurseries and age-appropriate programs during the first five years of a child’s life is crucial for creating a secure environment.

Bani Mustafa noted that Jordan’s care sector is promising and that expanding childcare services will generate job opportunities for women. The paid care sector is a vital part of the Jordanian economy, accounting for over a quarter of public sector employment and an increasing share of private sector jobs, she added.

Regarding the reports, she highlighted one that develops innovative strategies to support children in crises, pointing to the addition of a fourth pillar to Jordan’s National Social Protection Strategy, “Response to Crises,” which aims to enhance social protection services at nurseries and during crises.

This new axis strengthens the response capabilities for vulnerable groups during disasters, ensuring that gender-specific needs are addressed and improving support for women and children, who are most affected by crises. Several priorities and activities have been outlined under this pillar.

Bani Mustafa also noted that the ministry issued a new nursery regulation, which has expedited the registration process, saving time and effort.

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28/05/2024 15:25:55