Minister of Communications and Information Technology Highlights Arabic AI Project Fanar

Doha, May 16 (QNA) – HE Minister of Communications and Information Technology Mohammed bin Ali bin Mohammed Al Mannai, said that the Arabic Artificial Intelligence Large Language Model (LLM) Fanar is expected to usher in a renaissance in Arabic generative AI content in terms of accuracy and the ability to understand and handle texts with high precision, which will reflect on the capabilities of translation programs, media, and academic research.

He emphasized that the project, resulting from a strategic collaboration between the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and the Qatar Computing Research Institute as well as other partners, is capable of dealing with linguistic complexities in the Arabic language. He also said that the model will be trained on vast and accurate Arabic content that it can train to develop and improve within specific linguistic frameworks, helping it understand the characteristics of the Arabic language and thereby have the ability to understand, process, and create Arabic content suitable for the Arab culture. His Excellency highlighted that this would enrich the digital experience of institutions and Arabic speakers.

During a panel discussion at the Qatar Economic Forum titled “Artificial Intelligence: Regulation & Innovation,” His Excellency highlighted that Fanar is a one of a kind national initiative aimed at developing large, precise linguistic models manufactured in the Arabic language. He pointed out that promising results achieved by the Qatar Computing Research Institute’s research in creating this massive Arabic language model are characterized by its ability to predict with extreme accuracy. His Excellency added that efforts are underway to translate these achievements into a successful and realistic project that respects the privacy and rich culture of the Arabic language.

He also pointed out the vast differences in the level of generative artificial intelligence solutions between the Arabic and English languages in terms of contextual understanding, linguistic accuracy, and the depth and fluency of generated content, and that Fanar was developed to bridge this gap between the two languages, enabling it to provide balanced perspectives that avoid any negative impact on Arab culture.

His Excellency said that Qatar has allocated a package of incentives worth QR 9 billion to support comprehensive digital transformation by investing in technology, innovation, and artificial intelligence. His Excellency added that $1 billion dollars has been allocated to support entrepreneurs and startups in the region, demonstrating the country’s firm commitment to enhancing its regional position as a leading center for digital innovation and its pivotal role in driving digital development in the Arab region and reflect the state’s efforts to achieve the goals of the third national development strategy and Qatar National Vision 2030. (QNA)