Minister Unveils Plan for Five New Government Service Centers

Amman, June 3 (Petra) — Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, Ahmed Hanandeh, announced Monday that five new comprehensive government service centers will be launched before the end of the year.

These centers, being developed under the ministry’s oversight, will expand the network to 15 locations across various governorates, in addition to five centers in the courts. This initiative is part of the government’s public sector development plan, aimed at streamlining and integrating government services.

Hanandeh emphasized that these centers will introduce a new model for delivering essential government services, featuring an innovative approach and a high-quality, integrated framework. The project is a collaborative effort with several government institutions and departments.

The first of these service centers has already been established in Al-Muqablain, and a branch at the Queen Alia International Airport is now operational. The third center, located in Irbid, was recently opened, and the Tafila branch is currently in a trial phase, set to begin operations soon with 98 services. Additional centers are planned for Aqaba, Karak, and Ma’an governorates, all scheduled to open by year-end.

These centers aim to provide exceptional service to various citizen groups, ensuring easy access to multiple services in a single location at any time. The services will be delivered efficiently and with high quality, utilizing advanced and innovative technologies.

Continuous improvement and development of these services will be driven by customer satisfaction and feedback, collected through various channels.

Significantly, over two million transactions have already been processed through these comprehensive government service centers. Plans are also underway to authorize private sector entities to offer government services, further enhancing accessibility for citizens.

The gradual integration of additional government institutions and services into these centers will be prioritized based on customer demand.

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03/06/2024 12:12:36