Ministry of Culture Concludes Between Two Cultures Exhibition

Riyadh, September 21, 2023, SPA– The Ministry of Culture has concluded the first edition of the “Between two Cultures” exhibition after an exceptional turnout over 13 days. The exhibition reviewed the similarities and differences between the Saudi and Yemeni cultures through several specialized sections dealing with cultures from different perspectives and backgrounds.
The exhibition, which was attended by several princes, ministers, ambassadors, artists, professionals, people interested in culture, and art enthusiasts, discussed the links between Saudi culture and Yemeni culture in terms of arts, literature, architecture, nature, and history, in addition to the traditional costumes and foods.
The exhibition’s visitors have experienced an integrated journey that embodies the culture of the two countries in a visual and audio framework that preserves its place in their memory. The event also included various distinguished art activities by artists from the Kingdom and Yemen and some of the most famous monuments of ancient civilizations that have lived on the lands of the two countries.
Through its various cultural events and exhibitions, the ministry aims to enable citizens and residents to get acquainted with the Kingdom’s civilization and cultural exclusivity and develop Saudi contribution to arts and culture.
The “Between Two Cultures” exhibition also reflects the Ministry of Culture’s plans to promote international cultural exchange as one of its strategic objectives under the Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 umbrella.
15:29 Local Time 12:29 GMT