Ministry of Municipality Launches New Version of Lease Contract Registration Service

Doha, June 01 (QNA) – The Ministry of Municipality, represented by the information systems department of the shared services affairs sector, launched the latest version of lease contract registration service after it had been upgraded with new merits to ensure high-level of performance within the ministrys digital transformation project to provide high quality services to the public.

The new services offer new advantages such as streamlining the service delivery procedures with a number of new rules being applied to help regulate procedures and optimize data entry, verification, and approval, thus prompting a breakthrough in the performance and swift accomplishment of services, in addition to providing further real estate data in the country.

In a statement, the Ministry of Municipality highlighted that the new version of lease contract registration service obviously facilitates online connection with a variety of data sources, such as the Ministry of Interior (MoI), Kahramaa, the Ministry of Justice, building permits, and the Real Estate General Authority, through verifying the requirements for applying for service, thus sparing applicants the hassle of uploading supportive attachments and documents, such as providing the summary of registration and fines fees if any, prior to the submission of the request.

The ministry added that the latest version also activates the issuance of violations, in addition to creating violation report, reconciliation form, cover letter for police stations automatically, as well as providing access powers to some parties, such as rental dispute resolution committees.

The electronic authorization has been added to supersede paper authorization, the statement said, outlining that the former is a service provided by the ministry to help lessors, whether they are individuals and companies, manage and register authorizations online, as per essential powers, in addition to altering and terminating lease contracts.

The statement pointed out that the new service offers the possibility of simultaneously paying registration and fine fees and connecting leasers’ phone numbers directly with the MoI, in addition to paying violations online, adding that the new services have some crucial rules that would upscale the service performance quality, document an independent contract for renting entire buildings, in addition to verifying it when the documentation begins for the internal units of the building in proportion to the periods of the main contract, thus calculating the fees for the service based on the number of units according to the text of the law, and the possibility of amending the end date of the contract when applying for the documentation renewal service.

The request for amendment always starts after the issuance of the authentication certificate within specific cases, the statements read, adding that the only case in which the tenant has the right to cancel the contract is the death of the tenant. This is done by visiting the lease contract registration offices directly to apply for the documentation, either through the legal agent or his representative.

Director of Information Systems Department at the Ministry of Municipality, Dr. Hamda Al Maadeed affirmed that the new service is one of the most important and common services utilized at the Ministry of Municipality and has received foremost priority to be further optimized and streamlined, as part of the ministry’s digital transformation project afforded to the public through leveraging AI technologies and data analysis.

The digital transformation project comes in alignment with the third National Development Strategy 2024-2030, as the final phase on the path of achieving the goals of Qatar National Vision 2030, in pursuit of creating pioneering government institutions and high-quality services for the citizens satisfaction. (QNA)