Moroccan Pilgrims Leave Medina Towards Mecca for Pilgrimage Rite

The last group of Moroccan pilgrims will leave Medina on June 8 , bound for Mecca, Hakki told MAP on Wednesday, noting that this operation is taking place within the framework of a mechanism put in place by the various stakeholders to facilitate the transport of the faithful to perform the pilgrimage in peace and safety.

He also reported that Moroccan pilgrims are being accommodated in the vicinity of the Al Haram mosque, adding that flights from Morocco after June 2 will serve Jeddah airport and head directly to Mecca.

The official said that all the faithful are determined to appropriately accomplish this rite, praising the efforts of the security authorities, the commissions under the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah and the Hajj Commission in the region, as well as volunteers to ensure their comfort and safety.

Moroccan pilgrim groups are leaving, on a daily basis, Medina for the Al Haram Mosque and the two Holy Mosques to perform the pilgrimage rite, said Abdellatif Hakki, deputy head of the Moroccan pilgrims' affairs office (Medina section).
05 June 2024