Moroccan Sahara: A Unparalleled Territorial Evolution Through Economic Growth and Urban Expansion ( French-Swiss Writer)

“The economic boom and urban expansion of the Moroccan Sahara demonstrate that in just two decades, the Kingdom has been able to create an unprecedented territorial transformation for the benefit of the women and men of the southern provinces,” the French-Swiss academic told MAP in response to the speech delivered by His Majesty King Mohammed VI to the Nation on the occasion of the 48th anniversary of the Green March.

The author of the book “Mohammed VI, la vision d’un Roi: actions et ambitions” (Mohammed VI, the vision of a King: actions and ambitions) recalled that the Green March, which took place half a century ago, enabled the recovery of the Moroccan Sahara and the restoration of hope and a future for the populations of the southern provinces. He emphasized that now, it opens up international perspectives for the Sahel states, sub-Saharan peoples, and, more broadly, for the entire Atlantic region of the African continent.

In light of the values of loyalty, courage, and patriotism that marked the glorious history of the Green March, the writer noted that the Royal Speech conveys to the international community the significance of Morocco’s unique brand, characterized by an integrated value system. According to Heydt, this brand generates the necessary momentum for openness to others and the development of solidarity.

He further suggested that these same ancestral values will play a crucial role in ensuring that everyone wholeheartedly contributes to realizing the projects and reforms initiated under the Royal leadership.

The economic growth and urban expansion of the Moroccan Sahara is an unparalleled territorial development, said Jean Marie Heydt, an author and international politics observer.

07 November 2023