Morocco, Chile Sign Cooperation Agreement on Documentary Heritage

This agreement was signed, on the Moroccan side, by the Kingdom’s Ambassador to Chile, Kenza El Ghali, and, on the Chilean side, by Nelida Pozo Kudo, Director of the National Service for Cultural Heritage.  

It aims to lay the foundation for fruitful cooperation in the field of documentary heritage and to establish a platform for collaboration by offering authors greater visibility in both countries.  

The signed document is also meant to deploy a set of cultural activities intended to strengthen the cultural ties between the two countries.  

The agreement will allow the two parties to exchange publications, bibliographic research tools, and expert visits to benefit from modern techniques, particularly in the field of document digitization and restoration.  

It also stipulates that the two countries plan to exchange documents related to the history of the two countries and hold regular meetings and exhibitions in Morocco and Chile.  

Speaking on this occasion, Nelida Pozo Kudo emphasized that the signing of this agreement marks a significant step in relations between the two countries, reflecting the “common will” of the two institutions to strengthen the bonds of friendship and mutual understanding between the two peoples. 

In this context, she referred to the numerous activities related to Morocco and its cultural heritage that have been organized over the years by the National Library of Chile, and which have made it possible to highlight the literary, artistic, and musical heritage, as well as Moroccan cuisine and handicrafts.  

For her part, El Ghali welcomed the signing of this agreement between the two national libraries, which gives a new impetus to cultural cooperation between the two countries, recalling in the same context that Chile is home to the Mohammed VI Center for Dialogue of Civilizations in Coquimbo (460 km north of Santiago), a vector for the dissemination of Moroccan culture and heritage, not only in Chile but throughout South America.

Morocco and Chile signed, on Monday in Santiago, a cooperation agreement on documentary heritage between the National Library of the Kingdom of Morocco and the National Library of Chile.  

14 mai 2024