Morocco Co-Sponsors Declaration at 13th WTO Conference to Reduce Trade in Harmful Plastics

The declaration, signed by Australia, Barbados, China, Ecuador, Fiji, and Morocco in their capacity as coordinators of the dialogue on plastic pollution and sustainable plastics trade, details relevant measures to combat the environmental, health, and economic impacts of pollution by harmful plastics, non-essential single-use plastics, and plastic packaging.

These measures include a ban on single-use plastics, the adoption of environmental design requirements, labeling, as well as financial support and tax benefits for safe, sustainable non-plastic alternatives.

On this occasion, the Minister of Trade and Industry, Ryad Mezzour, drew attention to the harmful environmental impact of single-use plastic products, highlighting the measures adopted by Morocco to improve the traceability of these products and establish the recycling value chain.

The 13th WTO Ministerial Conference is examining the rules and laws governing global trade activities and ways of cooperating to achieve a more efficient, sustainable, and inclusive trading system.

At the 13th World Trade Organization (WTO) Conference in Abu Dhabi, six countries, including Morocco, have co-sponsored a declaration to reduce trade in harmful plastics.
28 February 2024
Abu Dhabi