Morocco Develops Industrial Pollution Prevention & Control Program Worth MAD 19 Bln (Minister)

The program’s financial amount, which is in the process of being approved with the relevant departments, will be mobilized through international partnerships and the contribution of relevant partners in the public and private sectors, said Benali, in her answer to two oral questions at the House of Councillors on waste management in major cities.

The Minister affirmed that her department is working to strengthen all mechanisms for reducing the impact of industrial waste and promoting clean industrial development, noting the signing of an agreement for the implementation of projects for the collection, treatment and recovery of waste from the olive sector at a cost of 185 million dirhams.

With regard to the financial arrangements for industrial pollution control, Benali noted that the Ministry had contributed to the financing of 125 projects to combat liquid, gaseous and solid industrial pollution in the various regions of the Kingdom, for a total budget of around MAD 1 billion, including almost 338 million dirhams in the form of grants.

The Ministry also supported industrial companies by providing financial assistance through the Industrial Pollution Control Fund (FODEP) and the Voluntary Industrial Pollution Control Mechanism (MVDIH) for liquid waste, said the Minister, adding that these two funds have been set up with international partnerships to encourage companies to upgrade their environmental performance, through grants of up to 40% of the total cost as a contribution to the financing of equipment for the treatment or reduction of liquid, solid or gaseous waste.

Minister of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development, Laila Benali, reported on Tuesday the development of a draft program for the prevention and control of industrial pollution for the period 2024-2035, noting that the overall cost of its implementation amounts to 19 billion dirhams.

29 mai 2024