Morocco, One of Africa, MENA Region Leading Financial Markets (EBRD Official)

Speaking at the opening of a seminar jointly held by the EBRD and the Ministry of Economy and Finance under the theme “Derivatives market: international trends and development prospects in Morocco”, the European Bank’s official stressed that the Moroccan financial ecosystem stands out for its dynamic stock market in constant growth, a diverse investors base as well as a relatively liquid debt market.

In this respect, he highlighted the importance of the derivatives market as a lever to reinvigorate the Moroccan financial market and elevate it to higher international standards, adding that these products allow investors to better manage market risks, particularly those linked to interest and exchange rates, to optimize investment decisions and to reduce associated risks.

This market also allows banks to manage risks and the Treasury to support the sovereign debt market’s development, explained Sallé de Chou, recalling, in this context, that the development of the capital markets is a priority for the EBRD in Morocco and all its countries of operations.

For her part, Aude Pacatte, Head of Portfolio Management EMEA at EBRD, highlighted the crucial role of derivative products in the development of the financial sector and capital markets.

She noted that these products facilitate market risk management in an autonomous fashion, allowing to reduce risk of contagion in case of crises and to separate asset and liability management decisions, adding that derivative products are also characterized by their flexibility and their ease of execution, as well as a counterparty risk limited in terms of “cash” instruments usage. 

Morocco is one of the main financial markets in the African and the Middle-East and North Africa (MENA) regions, stated on Thursday in Rabat, Antoine Sallé de Chou, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s (EBRD) Head of Morocco.

07 June 2024