Morocco Plays Central Role in Strengthening Africa’s Vaccine Sovereignty (Minister)

The Kingdom is working to finalize the structural project for the establishment of a vaccine factory, which will help ensure Morocco’s and Africa’s vaccine sovereignty, he said in his address to the plenary session of the 77th WHO World Health Assembly.

“The recent health crises we have faced in a difficult and complex international context, marked by several geostrategic transformations, compel us to reaffirm the need to work to eliminate the risks arising from these crises and to invest more significantly and effectively in developing and strengthening national and continental health sovereignty,” the minister stated.

Aware of the importance of promoting public health on the African continent, Morocco will be hosting the Fourth International Conference on Public Health in Africa in November, he added, describing the event as an essential platform for exchanging experiences and perspectives on the strategic challenges facing African healthcare systems.

Africa alone bears almost a quarter of the global burden of infectious and chronic diseases, the minister deplored, adding that “this conference will be an important opportunity to strengthen efforts in partnership, scientific cooperation, and innovation.”

Ait Taleb also drew attention to the fact that, under the leadership of HM King Mohammed VI, the Kingdom is moving ahead resolutely with its ambitious societal project to generalize social protection. 

The minister praised the WHO’s achievements over the past year in dealing with the growing number of health and humanitarian crises worldwide, as well as its sustained efforts to strengthen health infrastructure and coordinate with various partners.

Ait Taleb heads Morocco’s delegation to the 77th World Health Assembly, which runs until June 1 under the theme “All for Health, Health for All.”

Morocco plays a central role, under the leadership of HM King Mohammed VI, in strengthening South-South cooperation, particularly in the field of vaccine sovereignty, Minister of Health and Social Protection Khalid Ait Taleb said on Tuesday.
28 mai 2024