Morocco Sits in Three Bodies of Parliamentary Union of OIC Member States

   In addition to the Executive Committee of the Union, the Moroccan parliamentary section has become a member of the Permanent Commission on Human Rights, Women and the Family, and the Permanent Commission on Cultural and Legal Affairs, Dialogue of civilizations and religions.

   Morocco’s election in these three bodies took place during the consultation meeting of the Arab Group within the PUIC, whose 18th Conference started on Saturday in Abidjan with the participation of a large Moroccan parliamentarian delegation.

   Led by Najwa Koukouss from the Authenticity and Modernity group in the House of Representatives, the Moroccan delegation includes Mohamed Chebbak from the National Rally of Independents Group and Khalid Chennak from the Istiqlal Group for Unity and Egalitarianism (the House of Representatives), and Khalid Setti (the House of Councilors).

   Morocco’s election in three PUIC bodies is a recognition of the Kingdom’s commitment to strengthening the Union as a multi-party and effective organization within the International community, Koukouss told MAP.

   This strong presence of Morocco within the PUIC highlights the confidence and place enjoyed by the Kingdom in the Arab-Muslim world and on the international stage, under the enlightened leadership of HM King Mohammed VI, she added.

Morocco was elected member in three bodies of the Parliamentary Union of Member States of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (PUIC), during the 18th session of the Union’s Conference, held on March 2-5 in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire.
03 March 2024