Morocco, Strategic Country for IFC (Regional Director)

“The Kingdom is a true innovation laboratory for IFC carrying out more than 25 pioneer transactions, many of which have been replicated in other African countries and other regions,” Sylla underlined in an interview with MAP.

Recalling the projects financed by the IFC in Morocco, Sylla reiterated his institution’s commitment to supporting the Kingdom to achieve the goals of its new development model.

“We will develop projects focusing on financing local authorities to reduce infrastructure disparities across Morocco,” he noted, adding that other initiatives will provide support to public companies in their transition to greener practices and decarbonization plans.

He pointed out that efforts are being made to green the textile sector, expand access to financing for small and medium-sized businesses, and strengthen initiatives aimed at guaranteeing food security. “We will also continue to encourage the expansion of Moroccan companies in Africa,” he promised.

“For six decades, IFC has supported Morocco’s private sector growth through investments and advisory services”, Sylla underlined.


Morocco is a strategic country for the International Finance Corporation (IFC) with which we have excellent relations, IFC Regional Director for North Africa and Horn of Africa, Cheick-Oumar Sylla, said.
03 February 2024