Morocco-UK Relations Enter ‘Historic Turning Point’, Says Expert

Speaking on the occasion of the centenary celebration of the British Chamber of Commerce in Morocco (BritCham), Wood declared that “we are on the cusp of a momentous phase in British investments in Morocco.”

He further lauded the robust connections in education, culture, and politics between the two nations, emphasizing that these ties were underpinned by a strong friendshi between the Royal Families of both countries.

Ilham Bennis, the General Director of BritCham, took the opportunity to highlight the Chamber’s long history, having been founded in 1923. She described the centenary celebration as a commemoration of “100 years of success,” while also serving as a platform to explore fresh partnerships and investment opportunities.

The gala event gathered a diverse assembly of current and prospective investors, as noted by Stephen Orr, President of BritCham. He expressed his conviction that the current trade volume between Morocco and the United Kingdom, which stands at approximately 2 billion pounds Sterling, “is poised to double in the next three to five years.”

The centenary celebration was attended by British Ambassador Simon Martin and a multitude of guests, including investors hailing from both Morocco and the United Kingdom. The event also served as a platform for a charitable initiative launched by the British-Moroccan Society. The fundraising campaign aimed to aid the victims of the recent Al Haouz earthquake.

The relationship between Morocco and the United Kingdom is undergoing a "pivotal period" and a "historic turning point." Mike Wood, President of the British-Moroccan Society (BMS), made these remarks during an event in Casablanca on Monday evening.
03 October 2023