Morocco, ‘Unique African Jewel” connecting Mediterranean & Atlantic (Italian Media)

   “Between past and future, traditions and modernity, Morocco offers a legendary and unique aura to its visitors,” the specialized site notes, underlining the African, Mediterranean and Atlantic dimensions of the Kingdom, which “ideally” unites diverse realities, reflecting its thousand-year-old history.

   Retracing an unprecedented journey from Tangier to Dakhla, the author highlights a subtle combination of ancestral atmospheres, which coexist “harmoniously” with “worldly and advanced” infrastructures.

   “Tangier welcomes its tourists with its sophisticated cornice and its ancient houses, which mingle with futuristic buildings and modern showrooms and restaurants,” he says, zooming in on the elegant Mohammed VI avenue, the imposing walls of Borj Dar El-Baroud, the defensive rampart of the old port and the winding streets of the ancient medina.

   Overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar, along the tip of Africa, where the Mediterranean ends and the Atlantic Ocean begins, the White City is also home to the largest commercial port in Africa, the portal notes, adding that the excellence of Tangier-Med will be reproduced, in the near future, in the south of the Kingdom, in Dakhla, which will house a “massive African Atlantic port infrastructure, benefiting the entire region”.

   “Pearl of southern Morocco, Dakhla welcomes its guests with its houses overlooking the lagoon, its immersion tourism and its warm and refreshing atmosphere,” the author says, shedding light the long peninsula on where this magical city stands, with an “original and spectacular” natural landscape, defined by water and sand dunes.

Morocco is a “unique African jewel” connecting the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, writes the Italian portal “Latitudes”, highlighting the “irresistible” charm of the Kingdom, where authenticity and modernity “harmoniously” blend.
11 November 2023