Morocco’s Embassy in Moscow Denies Authenticity of Document on Saratov Student Community

“The Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Moscow wishes to alert the Moroccan community residing in the Russian Federation about a false document attributed to the Embassy and currently circulating on social networks,” the diplomatic representation said in a statement.

“The so-called release concerning the Moroccan student community in the city of Saratov is a false document (Fake),” it added.

The false document attributed to the Embassy, dated May 17, referred to the issuance of several search and arrest warrants against students by the authorities of the city of Saratov in connection with fraud and swindling cases.

In this false document, it is claimed that the Embassy called on the Moroccan student community to show restraint and announced that the Russian authorities had the right to arrest the students and expel them from the country without referring to the Kingdom’s diplomatic representation.

Morocco's Embassy in Moscow denied on Wednesday the authenticity of a release attributed to it concerning the student community in the city of Saratov.
22 mai 2024