MoU signed to implement water harvesting projects in Jordan

Amman, May 14 (Petra) -Ministry of Water on Tuesday signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Inter-Islamic Network on Water Resources Development and Management (INWRDAM), affiliated with the Organization of the Islamic Conference, to enhance cooperation, study and implement water harvesting projects in a number of the Kingdom’s regions.

According to a ministry statement, the memo, which was signed by Secretary-General of Jordan Valley Authority, Hisham Haisa’, and INWRDAM Executive Director, Dr. Marawan Raqqad, aimed to confront effects of climate change, reduce drought and water scarcity, and increase rainwater harvesting.

Haisa’ said the memo will enhance the “strategic” partnership with INWRDAM in countering drought phenomena and “optimally” manage available water resources by studying and providing frameworks to construct underground dams and secure the necessary funding for such projects.

Haisa’ noted underground dams contribute to improve groundwater reservoirs, sustainability of water springs, improve water quality, reduce evaporation rates, achieve the “highest” level of public safety, secure needs of remote areas with “high-quality” water and “effectively” use resources and reduce waste.

By expanding horizons of agreements with international organizations, he stated that Jordan Valley Authority seeks to find the “best” techniques and means to harvest every water drop, confront impacts of flash floods, and achieve the “greatest” possible benefit from rainwater.

For his part, Raqqad said the memo focuses on water harvesting as a “constructive” solution to confront challenges of the Kingdom’s water sector, especially since the rainfall in Jordan is about sixfold consumption, but the geological and climatic conditions led to loss of most of this rainwater.

Raqqad noted water harvesting projects, funded by the Dutch government over a 37-year period in Jordan and the region, come in response to the Kingdom’s water sector strategy.

He added that these enterprises seek to enable the sector’s management to find “effective” ways to counter challenges by searching for “innovative” means, primarily underground dams, as experiences of multiple “leading” countries were transferred to Jordan and then to the region’s nations.
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14/05/2024 15:28:10