Najran Represents Incubator for Innovative Agricultural Experiments

Najran, September 21, 2023, SPA – Agriculture in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the essential pillars of food security. Agricultural crops have witnessed an increase in domestic demand and consumption, resulting in successful agricultural experiments for a number of farmers in various regions of the Kingdom, including the Najran region, which embraces many innovative agricultural experiments to contribute to environmental sustainability.
The Saudi Press Agency (SPA) met with farmer Ali Dhafir Al-Harith, who managed to create a model farm to plant about 2,000 coffee trees and embarked on expanding coffee tree plantations under palm trees in cooperation with local farmers. The farmers noticed that planting coffee in the Najran region has a promising future commercially, which will contribute to achieving Saudi coffee production targets of reaching around 2,500 tons in 2032.
He referred to the success of coffee planting experiments in the region’s palm basins, where more than 100,000 coffee seeds have been planted and will be distributed to farmers, adding that the seeds are planted at close distances of two meters from each other, therefore an area of 2,500 square meters can accommodate over 600 coffee trees, an evergreen perennial plant that can live for over 40 years.
Farmer Hamad Al Abbas noted that what helped the success of his experience in planting over 90,000 plants of herbal stevia is the region’s environmental and natural characteristics, such as soil fertility, water freshness and moderate weather, noting that harvesting from plants is performed three times a year.
Farmer Nasser Al-Jilbab described his experience in cultivating finger lime as a pioneering one across the Kingdom. The experience of cultivating it in the region was successful, noting that the plant belongs to the citrus family and is native to Australia. It is a high-value fruit because it contains a high concentration of vitamin C.
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