New Jordanian field hospital’s teams arrive in Gaza 

Amman, June 28 (Petra)– The Jordanian field hospital “South Gaza/3” crews finished their arrival at the mission site in the Gaza Strip.

They carried out their humanitarian and medical duties to support the brothers and family in the Strip and lessen the effects of suffering caused by the ongoing Israeli war. The mission was concluded with a farewell from the Assistant Inspector General of the Jordanian Armed Forces.

In order to support the field hospital, which offers a variety of medical specializations based on experienced and highly skilled teams, 22 trucks full with medical and therapeutic aid were brought together with the medical teams.

After completing their humanitarian and medical missions for the brethren in the Gaza Strip, the workers of the Jordanian Field Hospital/ 2 in Khan Yunis, have returned home.

//Petra// MF

28/06/2024 00:25:41