New York: Benalilou Highlights Constitutional Role of Ombudsman’s Institution in Defending Rights, Upholding Law Primacy

Speaking at a high-level expert meeting themed “Public access and involvement in the development of strategic initiatives to heighten awareness of the roles of ombudsman and

institutions in the promotion and protection of human rights, good governance and the primacy of the rule of law”, Benalilou stressed that the Ombudsman’s Institution, via its ability to deal with user complaints, is a key mechanism to ensure the effectiveness of human rights, by translating a set of rights into realistic and concrete deadlines for the benefit of users, or through its interventions in the context of voluntary initiatives as a means of guiding human rights.

As part of its mission to evaluate human rights, the Institution will provide indicators to measure the state of rights in the Kingdom, in compliance with a “sorting system” that sorts complaints according to the nature of the right referred to, rather than simply based on facts dealt with outside the field of human rights, he continued.

A press release issued by the Institution of the Ombudsman of the Kingdom stated that Benalilou also stressed that the Institution is a ” bridge ” between governance and human rights, and between the performance of public services and their supposed field of human rights, as part of a new concept focusing on monitoring the action of public services from the perspective of law, justice and equity.

He also considered that action on human rights is a transversal action applying to everyone, pointing out that the multitude of governance and human rights bodies in Morocco is a model of intelligent solutions for institutional coordination.

Benalilou underlined that the complementary nature of constitutional action represents one of the achievements of the institutions and enables human rights issues to be dealt with more effectively, while at the same time responding to the needs expressed.

The Kingdom's Ombudsman, Mohamed Benalilou, underscored, on Wednesday at the UN headquarters in New York, the constitutional roles of this institution in defending rights, consolidating the primacy of the law, promoting the values of ethics and transparency and ensuring equity between users.
23 mai 2024