Outstanding Educational Opportunities for Qatari Students under Government Scholarship Plan for Academic Year 2024-2025

Doha, July 02 (QNA) – The Ministry of Education and Higher Education has invited successful Qatari students in the General Secondary Education Certificate and other targeted groups to benefit from new opportunities and enhancements within the developed Government Scholarship Plan for 2024-2025. This plan includes three main programs: the Amiri Scholarship Program, the Domestic Scholarship Program, and the Overseas Scholarship Program. It aims to meet the academic needs of Qatari students at various levels and enhance their educational opportunities in different specialties within Qatar and abroad.

The Amiri Scholarship Program, a pinnacle of government scholarship programs, is designed for exceptional students who have excelled in their secondary school certificates. This program, which involves studying abroad and at the best universities globally, including five prestigious institutions within Education City in Doha, offers a unique opportunity to delve into vital disciplines such as medicine and engineering. Doing so enhances national human resource capabilities and contributes significantly to the realization of Qatar Vision 2030 goals.

The Domestic Scholarship Program offers Qatari students a wide range of opportunities. It allows students to enroll in national and private universities within Qatar, catering to diverse diploma plans for students with a secondary school certificate average of 60% or above. For those with higher averages, the program offers pathways in science, pre-medical, and computer science assistant programs leading to a bachelor’s degree. Exceptional students with 80% or higher averages can also pursue pathways in medicine, engineering, and computer science, ensuring that no talent is left behind.

The Domestic Scholarship Program also includes the “Tamoh” program, which offers Qatari males, with an average of 70% or higher, who have been officially accepted into the College of Education at Qatar University the chance to study within the country. The program is available for all specializations within the College of Education, with employment offered at grade nine. It includes a study period in service and financial privileges amounting to QR10,000 per month.

The Overseas Scholarship Program, a gateway to global education, offers exceptional opportunities for Qatari students to enroll in top-ranked universities across various disciplines. By requiring an average of 80% in the secondary school certificate and unconditional final acceptance from an accredited university, the program ensures that only the best and brightest get to participate. Its aim to diversify fields of study and increase the number of graduates in various disciplines is a testament to its broader impact on economic and social growth.

In this regard, Acting Assistant Undersecretary for Higher Education Affairs Dr. Harib Al Jabri stated: “We affirm our commitment to providing exceptional educational opportunities for Qatari students, ensuring their excellence and attainment of the highest academic standards. We are confident that the developed Government Scholarship Plan will contribute to achieving this goal by offering integrated scholarship programs that align with students’ ambitions and job market requirements.”
It is worth mentioning that the Ministry announced the launch of the developed Government Scholarship Plan for the academic year 2024-2025 last January. This plan enhances educational opportunities in various disciplines for Qatari students and increases the number of graduates in different fields. This initiative is part of the national plan to strengthen the workforce and support economic growth in the public and private sectors.

The Ministry invited those interested in obtaining more details about the government scholarship plan and application requirements to visit the website: https://scholarship.edu.gov.qa. (QNA)