Parliamentary Affairs Minister Emphasizes Role of Elections, Parties in Political Life

Amman, May 16 (Petra) – Minister of Political and Parliamentary Affairs, Haditha Kharisha, emphasized the enduring significance of elections and party engagement in shaping political life, stressing their pivotal role as an ongoing process rather than a transient experience.

Kharisha expressed optimism that citizens would recognize parties and the party experience as integral components of addressing societal challenges, while commending the media for fostering a positive environment and encouraging public participation in the upcoming parliamentary elections scheduled for September tenth.

During a meeting with journalists from daily newspapers, Kharisha underscored the responsibility of journalists in raising community awareness about the importance of participation and voting, aiming to dispel any hesitations among citizens.

The minister urged the media to support government initiatives aimed at mobilizing citizens to participate in elections and endorse various partisan political entities vying in the parliamentary elections.

Highlighting the electoral law’s provisions favoring parties, Kharisha emphasized its contribution to invigorating political party dynamics and bolstering its role in parliament, aligning with His Majesty King Abdullah II’s vision for expanding decision-making processes across institutions.

Kharisha detailed the Ministry’s media plan targeting previously underserved sectors, including economic realms, vocational training, university students, national education faculty members, and Higher Council for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, alongside digital media platforms.

Responding to inquiries from journalists regarding electoral integrity, Kharisha assured stringent penalties outlined in the election law against any attempts to manipulate the electoral process, underscoring the commitment to ensuring a fair and transparent electoral environment.

He highlighted that media professionals will receive informative booklets and publications aimed at elucidating the laws of political modernization, particularly focusing on election and party laws.

He emphasized the imperative to prioritize the interests of youth and women, noting that these laws have played a pivotal role in enhancing their opportunities to attain decision-making positions, whether within political parties or in the House of Representatives.

Kharisha noted Jordanian society’s burgeoning engagement in political and partisan activities, evidenced by the existence of 38 licensed parties and 86,000 party members, signaling a robust interaction with the political modernization framework.

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16/05/2024 16:07:26